We have all heard of the cost savings, and health benefits, that are associated with breastfeeding but getting all the gear such as nursing bras, nursing tops, nursing dresses, nipple shields, breast pads and nipple cream etc etc can work out expensive.

Whilst I wouldn’t suggest skimping on nursing bras, or good quality nipple cream, I think that one area where there are huge savings (and a confidence boost)  is with nursing tops.

Often nursing tops can look quite frumpy and require a degree to get your head around them, making the whole breast feeding experience more of a challenge. With the one up one down method you can continue wearing your normal clothes and you will never have to expose your jelly belly!

Instead of going out and spending a fortune on nursing tops, I went down to Primark and bought a load of stretchy strappy tops (for £1.00 to £2.00 each) to wear under my normal clothes, something similar to these SOFTY stretch strappy top £2.49 inc FREE delivery. When it comes to feeding all you have to do is lift up your normal top, lift down your stretchy strappy top, unhook your nursing bra and ta-da!

This also works with dresses too, which is great as nursing dresses can cost a fortune. With dresses, instead of a strappy top I just bought one of those cheap stretchy control dresses, again from Primark (something similar to this control shapewear £4.99 inc FREE delivery) . And depending on the style you can lift it up or down. To be extra discreet you can always throw over a muslin cloth too (like these 3 pack large printed muslin £4.25 inc FREE delivery).

I wouldn’t advise doing this with a linen top/dress or any top/dress that creases easily as it will screw up when it is lifted and held upwards.

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