These tutus are made using a loop of elastic and strips of tulle. They are cheap, easy and create minimal mess! They can be as bright and colourful as you like and will make the perfect addition to any dressing up box! The quantities in this post are enough for two toddler tutus!

You will need:



  • Measure your toddlers’ waist adding a couple of inches to allow for a knot.

  • Cut your elastic to size and tie a knot to form a loop, then cut off any excess. If you would prefer you can stitch the elastic but I went with the easy option. Bam – that’s your waistband finished!

  • Cut your material into strips, approximately 50cm by 7cm. To start I cut my length of tulle in half (resulting in two pieces approx 50cm by 150cm). I then folded the tulle in half, short wise, and cut it into strips approx 7cm wide. The rule of thumb is that however long you want your final tutu to be the tulle strips need to be just over double that length, because the tulle will be folded in half and knotted.

  • Now you need to knot all the pieces of tulle onto the elastic waistband. Take a strip and fold it, in half, short wise. If you have done this correctly you should end up with a loop approx 25cm by 7cm.

  • Take the looped end of the tulle and open it up with one hand.

  • Take the opposite end of the tulle with the other hand and thread it through the loop.

  • Once you have threaded the material through pull it to tighten. I found that you need to pull the knots firmly but not too tight otherwise the elastic will stretch a lot and your waistband will be larger than you want it to be.

  • Repeat this process, alternating the colours, until the waistband is completely covered. Once you have finished you should end up with a lovely full looking tutu like this!

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