Did you know that once your little ones reach the age of 7 you can stop with all the children’s toothpastes and switch to one toothpaste for the whole family?

When deciding which toothpaste to go with, ensure that it contains at 1,350 to 1,500 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride (such Aquafresh Triple Protection 100ml which contains 1,450 ppm £2.34 inc FREE delivery).

Children below the age of 7 can use a lower strength toothpaste providing that it contains at least 1,000 ppm of fluoride. It does not have to be a specific baby/kids toothpaste (which can often work out more expensive per ml) either of these would be fine (Colgate Cavity Protection 100ml which contains 1,000 ppm £2.16 inc FREE delivery) or  (Colgate Baby 50ml which contains 1,000 ppm £1.45 inc FREE delivery).

It’s always worth checking the back of the pack as I have found several supermarket own brands of children’s toothpastes that contain less than the recommended amount.

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