This one is a great Mummy saving tip! Instead of having to drag your little ones out in the cold, walk/drive or bus it to your GP, fight for a parking space and hang around for your prescriptions to be prepared (whilst being coughed and sneezed on by all those in the waiting room) you can now get your NHS repeat prescriptions delivered to your door FREE of charge!

Although I haven’t personally used this service (as I don’t get repeat prescriptions) I have heard/read/seen lots of positive reviews. There are lots of companies that offer this service including Lloyds Pharmacy and Pharmacy2u.

All you need to do is tell them who your GP is and what medication you need, your GP will send your prescriptions to them and once checked and dispensed they be delivered to your door free of charge – what could be simpler? They will also send you a reminder when it’s time to re-order ensuring that you never run out again!



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