Want to know how to make your budget eyeshadow look as good, and last as long, as the leading brands without breaking the bank with expensive eyeshadow primers?

It’s easy! Instead of using an expensive primer simply apply a small amount of Sudocrem to your eyelids prior to applying your eyeshadow and then apply your eyeshadow as normal. The Sudocrem acts as a primer which the eyeshadow will stick to, making the eyeshadow more intense and long lasting!

With this great tip not only are you saving on the primer but you can save on the eye shadow too as you can opt for a cheaper brand! As you only have to use a very small amount each application it lasts for ages too. I have probably had the same little pot for a couple of years!

If you have a little one you probably already have a pot (or two) of Sudocrem lurking in the back of the cupboard. As you’re applying it near your eyes I would always recommend using a new unopened tub to avoid any nasties. You can either buy one of the miniatures (like the ones that you get free in a Bounty pack) and use it solely as a primer or, like me, you can decant some into a smaller pot.

I have had a quick search of the internet and have found a 60g pot for £3.22 from Amazon which can be found using the link below.

Let me know how you get on!

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