Whilst browsing online (I know I really must stop!)  I came across this awesome offer from WeShop. With the below referral link they are offering an exclusive 1000 bonus points (worth £10.00) for new customer orders.

WeShop is a brand-new way to shop and earn rewards. Their site lets you compare millions of products from 1000’s of top brands and discover which have been recommended by people you trust.

Every time you shop through WeShop you’ll collect points. Each point is worth £0.01 so, for example, 500 points = £5.00. On joining, the points you get will be worth 5% of what you spend, however this can increase to 10% if you use the site regularly.

It’s easy and secure to redeem the points you collect. When you have 1,000 points approved in your wallet, you’ll be able to withdraw your points as cash to your BACS or PayPal account, covert them into a voucher to spend at your favourite retailer, or donate them to a charitable cause close to your heart.

Unlike other shopping platforms, WeShop allows you to shop with friends and get rewarded together. Share ideas and gain inspiration from each other – at WeShop both the buyer and member recommending the product get rewarded.

 To gain these great benefits all you need to do is visit retailers using WeShop and complete your purchase as normal.

To take advantage of the offer simply follow this link WeShop 1000 Bonus Points Worth £10.00 on New Customer Orders.  When your transaction is approved by the retailer, you will be credited with 1000 bonus points – worth £10.00!